cam|ou|flage «KAM uh flahzh», noun, verb, -flaged, -flag|ing.
1. a disguise or false appearance in order to conceal; protective coloration. The white fur of a polar bear is a natural camouflage; it prevents the bear's being easily seen against the snow.
2. a) giving soldiers, weapons, vehicles, planes, or ships a false appearance to conceal them from the enemy. Camouflage may cause an object to blend with its background or to appear to be something different from what it actually is. b) the materials or other means by which this is done: »

The guns were hidden by a camouflage of earth and branches.

to give a false appearance to in order to conceal; disguise: »

to camouflage a plain sponge cake with frosting. The hunters were camouflaged with branches so that they blended with the trees. Figurative. The boy camouflaged his embarrassment by laughing.

to engage in camouflage; conceal by or as if by camouflage: »

We camouflaged in the bushes and no one saw us.

[< French camouflage < camoufler to disguise < Italian camuffare]
cam´ou|flag´er, noun.

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